Heterochronism of the Adaptational Restructuring?


People will be surprised that I still suggest Supertraining as a book for coaches, especially in the speed and power genre. The two authors were vital to push out the personal trainer pollution in the early 90s (the rise of popularity). My experience at first was overwhelmed by the material because it was written somewhat awkwardly and the concepts were very unique and specific. Is it a compass to great performance? No. Is theory useful at times? Yes. I have been very supportive of Mel and Yuri for years, even when I have been critical of the Russian System. What I do know is that the text is a guide to help push the envelope of training, not a way to boast ego or methodology. If you like the text, I also suggest Apprendre à observer by Piasenta as his information on blocks is the cornerstone to great clearance for the sprint events.

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Carl Valle

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