5-Step Hurdle Training


I had a few interesting discussions with a few coaches about 5 step hurdling and the pros and cons. While no exact numbers are available, it seems that the faster athlete may have to increase the distance of the hurdle markers when 5 stepping. What many coaches do agree is that when an athlete can surge into the hurdle and hot step out they learn to run of the hurdle better. Speed of the hurdle requires a great flight path. A good takeoff requires the trail leg to pivot and push with a cut step and surging helps. Many athletes jump because they get crowded or from fear of hitting hurdles. It’s vital that an athlete tackles in take off with a low, almost skimming, flight path. The 5 step drill is more than simply working technique and focusing on surging can reap benefits. If 10 yards is too short for the faster athlete you can lengthen the distance or work grass/turf more, something that Renaldo did 30 years ago.

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Carl Valle

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