Killer Bees: Bad Combinations and Clashing


When I see an invented exercise or workout my first question is often wondering what the value of the synergy of the multiple interactions. Synergy is often talked about, but the requests for tuna in fruit smoothies is an obvious example that combinations are often not good ideas. Currently we chains on the bars during light load olympic lifts, the random band placed haphazardly with the wrong agility exercises that teach wrong movement patterns, and the ever popular push-ups that look terrible in isolation but are of course accepted when shoved in a circuit. The ironic trends are that some trends clash physiologically and biomechanically with regards to sports training. The strength of the stimulus is often the clarity of the signal. If you wish to train speed do speed, get stronger lift heavier weights, and so on. Many times good combinations mutate into things that are no longer good when they are shoved in to a square hole when they are round.

Carl Valle

Carl Valle

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Carl Valle

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