Cardiovascular Adaptations to Sprinting and Strength Training


One of the hot topics of Social Networks and the Blogosphere is the morphological changes to high intensity training such as sprinting and olympic lifting. This is old news and what is necessary to see the combinations of all the methods of training since we are likely not to be just doing 4-6 30 sec sprints only. Bodybuilding circuits, high volume olympic style weightlifting methods, short sprints, running intervals, Bike routines, all are unique and have some general transfer. What sequence is more favorable? What are indirect problems stemming from high volumes? What is a threshold of benefit? What combinations seem to reap great success with low risk of overtraining? Mitochondria, angiogenesis, transcription factors, and morphological adaptions to the heart are nice to talk about but are we getting the changes we thing we are? Has the NFL increased 4th quarter stamina since 2000?

Carl Valle

Carl Valle

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