Trail Leg Development


One of the problems with improvement, is the fact other elements may not catch up or be improved at the same time. The trail leg in mens hurdling is a bit of an enigma in some camps but one thing I learned after talking to some coaches is the trail leg can be improved by teaching the knee to punch above the navel to keep the running under the center of mass instead of side stepping to preserve speed off the hurdle. Some will debate about pretension improvements with the foot being ready to strike longer but I would argue that this looks smoother mechanically. When doing Calvesi drills or similar add more air time by putting pop into the take off foot (trail leg) so that one has time to pull in the knee/thigh after crossing over. Also Good One-Step Drills can help some athletes snatch the knee up and in as well. I would be interested in hearing concrete solutions by others on late or lazy trail leg errors.

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