Bilateral Facilitation?


When talking to coaches with more knowledge in Strength and Conditioning then I have I like to throw out questions such as the current debates on single leg training vs double leg training. Most people do a combination of both, but being on either extreme usually creates attention. When the Bilateral Deficit is talked about at conference hotel bars an interesting counterpoint is why not do single leg cleans and snatches and show up at WCs in Turkey and destroy the Chinese and Greeks? Why not do Bulgarian exercises, Keiser Single Arm punches, SLDLs, and embarrass all the powerlifters? Soon arguments are now redirected to injury reduction qualities but the reality is that Max strength and power training in the weight room needs double leg exercises. Single leg training will help beginners but eventually over time they will need to take advantage of the practical components of symmetrical loading. How much of what and when is a later discussion.

Carl Valle

Carl Valle

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