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This past summer I sat down with Tom Tellez and learned a lot of great lessons from his 50 year career. He is still coaching part time and was sharp as a razor. I don’t know if it would have been better to see him early in my career because I couldn’t have known what to ask, but it was great that I could learn from him last summer. My questions were long jump, sprinting, and hurdling related. He gave great practical advice. One thing that I found is that he looks at hurdles 5-10 to see what people do reflexively vs stylistically at the beginning. The faster rates usually purges the artificial habits and styles that people use. Another interesting myth that was dispelled is the S2L vs L2S debate, as technique is still fast. Tom used longer distances for tempo running as he believed that teaching how to run was paramount and that you could teach starts in the fall. People assumed because technique was talked about that technique was considered not high intensity. It seems that many L2S programs are mixed from day one. What was very helpful was the information he shared about what not to coach, and how often many errors are not corrected based on the observation. What was extremely enlightening was how to look at the arms from shoulder to elbow with athletes as well as shoulder to hand. Often the hands are illusions but the arm stroke (he coached swimming early in his career) was based on what the entire arm does. I will share something via youtube later.

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