Special Strength and Specific Strength


What’s specific about strength and what’s special about it? I think it’s a bad idea to try to simulate sports in the weightroom, and trying to breed iron and sport movements/physiology result in less than desirable traits. The real question is why are we trying to replicate sports that have problems with overtraining? Why don’t many proponents of special exercises consider practice and games special or specific ? Because they don’t have external loads or special equipment from catalogs involved? For example, one conditioning coach for MMA believes in circuits for energy system development. Another MMA performance coach does similar circuits, but the difference is huge when you look at the big picture. One Camp is doing a lot of fight training and the other is nursing a hand and wrist injury. The difference is one is trying to stay in shape and the other is overtraining the conditioning side. I am no expert in MMA but the sport is very similar to the decathlon, you must be good in many disciplines. You must see the similarities to prevent overtraining or replicating something you being to redundant about already. The decathlon teaches coaches about working with resources and I think many sports performance coaches make the mistake of preparing for the game when the game/practice and conventional training prepare it well enough.

Carl Valle

Carl Valle

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