Defending the Prowler Flu: Heavy Sled Debate


Where is the evidence that heavy sleds are superior to conventional combination methods? Surely we would see waves of freaks running 1.3s (first 10 yards) at the NFL combine from all the gurus promoting such methods. We don’t see it and that is a fact. I like sleds and like the prowler during the GPP for some athletes but it’s a death march for speed development if you use it as a primary way to get faster. It seems now that running normally is overspeed since everyone is addicted to equipment catalogs. Without freaky 10 yard dashes it’s all lies and excuses not to run. While pushing a weighted sled everyone looks uniform and they seem to have great triple extension, but why doesn’t everyone look like LT when they run without it? I love sleds and sled sports but Special Strength is just a con when one has no proof of superior methods. Speed is hard work and requires a lot of thought, mindless pushing is not the answer.

Carl Valle

Carl Valle

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Carl Valle

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