Three Mediacasts : One Public, One Private, One Audio Interview


After talking to Tom Tellez I felt that a public Medicast is warranted. I am releasing 3 Mediacasts next week since I was out of town for a few weeks with some consulting projects. We filmed some video and did some nice interviews with coaches. My thought was do make the mediacasts more visual and enriching down the road, and have more audio podcast interviews because they are great learning opportunities instead of listening to Don Imus or other morning radio options. Sunday will be a special commissioned Mediacast by a professional soccer team regarding best practices in technology for coaches. If people were interested in the AC Milan video you will find this a helpful resource. The Tom Tellez video is going to be more more interactive whiteboard with video and fluid graphics. When the late Coach Francis shared is ideas on a whiteboard it was great but with recent advancements we can make a great impact with video and interactive smart technology. We are moving to Sunday morning release times and this Sunday is a big combo download.

Carl Valle

Carl Valle

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