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No matter what you do, is performance improving? Fascia, Breathing, HRV, Activation, EMG research…..much of it is just a spoiler for a car that needs more horsepower or bodywork. I love the fact that each week a strength coach that matters is reading and getting into debates and exploring the truth to performance. While the NFL combine isn’t perfect, isn’t it important to measure something? I was talking to one coach who is just getting started and the discussion was the same how is this helping guys and girls getting better?. Most training discussion is descriptive, talking about what is happening but not sharing why a method is better with some obvious comparison. I think some of the young coaches are smarter and more exposed to information but without experience and getting your hands dirty it’s just talk, and talk is cheap. I don’t have the answers but I know a good question or two. One way to get a good answer is to ask for the workouts and watch what they claim to do.Edit: Can’t find Honda Civic pictures of the cars with ninja racing logos and home modification spoiler- If someone finds a good one I will update it.

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Carl Valle

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