Flexion is still Alive and “kicking”


A lot of soccer programs are still doing high volume crunch work. I recently downloaded a core training program on pdf that looked at least 20 years old from a MMA conditioning expert. While I don’t claim to be on either side of flexion, I think it’s interesting that many of the coaches that reference each other in products and interviews seem not to be on the same page on a lot of issues. Sort of like how politicians raise taxes but don’t like paying them themselves. Often we will see one chink in the armor of a program and we will toss the baby out, but I look at the entire program. I don’t know much about the Red Bulls, and both sides of flexion seem to have good points. I can’t judge either way but I think we need to see what people actually do and learn from the realities instead of swine studies.

Carl Valle

Carl Valle

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