Coaching and Excel Part 2


Strategy and Tactics. What you plan and how you carryout that plan. Ironically, we rarely have people share what they do even if invited to speak at conferences. Why is this? If they can’t share workouts (both plan and video) can we trust them to speak at seminars? What is the big secret? I don’t know what to believe but the easiest way to review a program is to see what is written down in advance, during the training, and the reporting afterwards. Also what matters is watching the actual training of everyone on the team, not just the star of the program. I have had athletes that made me look great but the key is the average being higher than the competition as most teams need everyone to be great. Winning is about finding the hidden edge and analytics is key only if you can see what is being done is what is actually prescribed.

Carl Valle

Carl Valle

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Carl is an expert coach who has produced champions in swimming, track and numerous other sports. He is one of the foremost experts in the fields of nutrition and restoration.
Carl Valle

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