Testosterone and Work Capacity


One particular weightlifting federation does blood work in October every year and it’s interesting to see what they look for. One interest of mine is looking at the old guys with 1000 ng/dl testosterone levels past the age of 25. Normal values are not elite athletes so anything past 1000 doesn’t mean one is freelancing or doping. What was also interesting is to see two athletes increase 200 ng/dl over time and see the hematocrit rise 8%. What did that mean? In the past the athlete would struggle to do double sessions and now he felt good doing 12 workouts a week. One physiotherapist asked if that phenomena occurred in other speed and power sports and I said yes. I tested at Sun City Diagnostic Center several athletes and found that some short sprinters had higher hematocrit scores than 400m runners and the reason was likely to be their lifting programs and the volume of tempo being less. Much of the speed reserve debates about team sports must look at body composition and see if athletes are strong and hormonally healthy. Speed is very skill and elastic based and assuming guys are still strong because they are fast is dangerous because many programs crash after 24 weeks of competition. Attached is an interesting study on Testosterone and Hematocrit.

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