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I got the Movement book a few months ago and it was a great read. Gray Cook did a great job expanding his mindset on screening and the correction process. I read it in one setting as the craftsmanship of the writing was excellent. I highly suggest picking up a copy and reading it with a pair of unbiased eyes. I have been one of the most critical of the FMS for years because the lack of interpretation skills of the followers, and I think this text will clarify things better.Like many religions where the book has guidance, the followers tend to struggle with it’s true meaning. Gray has his FMS and SFMS and he shares some very effective means to investigate movement and assessment. While I use only 2 tests out of 7 and those two are modified for athletic purposes, his process and thinking is valuable for both strength and conditioning and therapy. If this book was written in the late 90s I think we would see a better group of coaches because it’s more than just tests or screens.My hope is that this book will encourage more investigating of what screening in general can do and coaches and therapists will investigate more avenues of screening and examinations with athletes. Currently I use a combination and permutation of several screening and assessments for my own athletes. Gray has helped shape a lot of what I do and his work is very valuable. My guess is that Gray’s move to a different direction will encourage other people to keep searching by asking the right questions. I am not sure what impact the book will have as the conclusions I agreed with. Do I suggest the book to coaches? Yes of course. Why do I not suggest the FMS though? Difficult answer but I will take a stab at it. I think the assessment process and screening process is about what you customize just like your training. With so many environments and coaching programs how does one create an athletic appraisal system for them? I give the book a 9 out of 10 with my only criticisms to the huge gap in foot function and gait not being discussed enough. In all, I suggest reading it and asking questions in general because it’s a sound resource.

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