The Canary in a Coal Mine


While every athlete is unique. generally a team program will follow the same plan. I have used the Canary in a the Coal Mine analogy to explain how sometimes you can’t monitor everyone all the time. I often monitor one guy more than anyone else not because I favor someone but because they are willing to do extra work sharing the information I need to know. I can do HRV (heart rate variability) once a day or monitor it real time from a Droid phone (Verizon people cheer) but it doesn’t matter. The HRV and other scores are for data points. Many times coaches understand what is going on but what about sharing your thoughts with the sport coach or athlete? Sometimes a chart is worth more than an explanation or email. A number makes the data points easier. So I take the hardest working guy and the guy that tends to have a poor adaptability in and make sure I watch them as they are the first to give us an early warning signal.

Carl Valle

Carl Valle

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Carl Valle

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