The RCTS for David Rudisha


Coaching is not as easy as many people tend to believe, he says. You have to be patient and understanding of the athletes. You have to defend them and stand by them especially when good results are not forthcoming. -Coach O’Connell

For some reason, it seems that Brother Colm O’Connell doesn’t have a new DVD this year regarding how to train for distance running. With the new 800m world record I thought we would have a buzz on the internet. Since 1972 his results have been world records and gold medals with athletes time after time without skipping a beat. When you break the WR or medal at a WC or OG, a tree is planted. When a few coaches wondered what system David Rudisha was using I said the RCTS. Immediately the Russian Concurrent Training System was assumed, but after a few jokes I shared it was the Roman Catholic Training System, pointing out you can get good results without the omega potential readings or tabatta circuits. Perhaps we should look at who actually does what with who instead of pushing materials based on epiphanies in ivory towers. I will share some great learning points over the last few years to show what the training is really like, and hope that track coaches will see what is usable and what is unique.

Carl Valle

Carl Valle

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