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Just a quick update for those wishing to read some good blog content. Here are four blogs I read and I think you should check out from time to time. Over in Arizona a great collection of people are writing some thought provoking information. For me I read blogs to see what other’s are doing as it’s easier to leverage the blogosphere for learning and getting good information. Here are 4 nice reads:

Patrick Ward- I think the CSCS/LMT is the future. Manual therapy and good strength and conditioning is my belief is the best combination to get people healthy. Patrick’s blog is packed with good posts and writes very well. His continuing education work is awesome.His blog can be found here.

Keats Snideman– Similar to Patrick, he is another CSCS/LMT and his blog is excellent. Although his post rate isn’t like instapundit, each one is well written and very helpful. His big toe post was awesome and it just great reasoning that track athletes can benefit from. Keats was a former sprinter (still competes masters I think) and is very open dude. His blog can be found here.

Carson Boddiker– While he may look like the poster child to Tiger Beat, Carson is prolific and very science based. His age doesn’t bother me as he is not claiming he has been in the strength and conditioning world for 20 years because counts when lifted his baby rattle in a crib. He posts on some very deep stuff and demands people to raise the bar. His blog makes me want to see his actual training, when you are hearing some very hyper detailed stuff. How people assemble training is so important when coaches have access to so many options and information. Carson’s blog is a great read and that’s why we learn from everyone. His blog can be found here.

Bret Contreras- I never thought I would be posting my suggestions of the artist formally known as the glute guy but after meeting him and felt how genuine he was I realized the guy is trying to share good information. This guy must be listened to as I think he is the most honest person in the profession. He is smart and very clever. His blog can be found here.

Hope everyone is enjoying the summer. I am!

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