Hello, my name is Gabe, and I’m a Coach


Hello everyone. For a number of years I might be what some have called a ‘lurker’ to the boards and website here. I’ve found no end to the stream of useful and thoughtful information that elitetrack has provided and continues to provide on a daily basis. I love the heated debates over training and science topics that come and find them rather entertaining at times. The reason I’ve yet to truly get involved in much of what has been going on is at times is I’m not sure what to input that hasn’t already been said or is even may be beyond my scope. While I may not be as formally schooled in some of the sports sciences as some here on this board, I considered myself to be very well read and with a great deal of resources when it comes to friends, colleagues, mentors and first hand experience. One aspect I do feel very strongly and passionately about is COACHING and TEACHING. In my travels thus far it seems that my generation of coaches (mid 20’s – mid 30’s) seems to have gotten so focused on training, training theory, mechanics, physiology, or even the next big thing or method in training. The x’s and o’s if you will. The true art of application, teaching, pedagogy and what it truly means to be a coach is an afterthought. After this summer I will be one class away from completing my Master’s in Physical Education and Coaching at Boston University. It has been a very enlighting program and more than anything has demonstrated to me that I’ve been in the right direction in my coaching career. The program delves deep into pedogogy, coaching styles, coaching development, psychology, philosophy, philosophy development, and much much more. It’s in this respect that I was hoping I might bring a different persepective in a blog on elitetrack. At the end of the day, when it comes right down to coaching, that’s who we are. We are not biomechanists. We are not exercise physiologists. We are not chemist. We are not therapists or athletics trainers. While we need deep backgrounds and understanding in these areas, it must not define who we are if we expect to excel in our chosen paths. We are leaders, we are educators, and we are life long models, good or bad whether we like it or not. More times than not beyond the scope of sport. We are all these things and more. Most importantly we are where the athlete meets sport, we are the vessels of experience. Let’s never forget this critical truth. My name is Gabe Sanders, and I’m a Coach. Thanks for all the years of sharing and caring on the boards elite trackers. It’s my turn to give back.

Gabe Sanders

Gabe Sanders

Track & Field Coach at Boston University
Gabe Sanders enters his fourth season as an assistant coach with the Boston University track and field programs in 2011-12 as the program's sprints, long hurdles and sprint relays coach and recruiting coordinator. Since joining the Terriers, Sanders' event areas have not only become a dominant force both at the America East and regional levels but at the national level as well. Sanders earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in kinesiology with a major in sport management and communication from the University of Michigan in December 2005. He is currently pursing a master's degree in physical education and coaching from BU and is a USA Track and Field Level I and II certified coach in the sprints, hurdles, relays and jumping events. Sanders is also certified to teach USATF Level I curriculum by the USATF ITC.
Gabe Sanders


Director of XC AND T&F - Boston University
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