7 Things about ELITETRACK you didn’t know


I get a lot of questions regarding ELITETRACK that come up quite frequently so I figured I’d take the time to write out a blog entry to cover these things. Most of these things have been mentioned on several occasions but as new and more people come to the site many don’t realize it or haven’t heard. Here are 7 things you may not have known about ELITETRACK:

  1. User accounts are deleted if no blog or wiki contributions are made within 4 months. This is done to encourage participation and control dummy accounts created to place spam links in their bio or signature (which show up in search engines even if the person never posts). Please don’t request
  2. Logged in members can download any of the 225+ articles on the site for FREE if they go to the individual article page and then click on the title.
  3. All new accounts must use their REAL name. This is a move implemented about a year ago to move toward more professional and courteous discussion in the forum. Members from before this time are grand-fathered in with their old screen names but are encouraged to join new members in using their real name.
  4. Some of the most respected and accomplished coaches in the U.S. have blogged on the site (and even more have contributed to the forum). Although most are familiar with Vern, Carl, and my blogs, we’ve also had blogs from a variety of other coaches and sport scientists. Although not regular contributors you can read some of their posts in the guest blog.
  5. Our article database is huge and largely underused. You can search through over 225 articles by authors name, topic, user rating, type, and level of discussion by rolling over the articles button in the top menu.
  6. Anyone can blog. I encourage users to contribute to the site by blogging if they have something they’d like to share. You don’t have to be a well-known coach to contribute. If you can write clearly and have good content your contribution will be published. Please contact me if you’d like to blog on ELITETRACK.
  7. Logged in members can upload files to the wiki. This is a great way of sharing powerpoints or videos that you think might be of value to other members.


Mike Young

Mike Young

Founder of ELITETRACK at Athletic Lab
Mike has a BS in Exercise Physiology from Ohio University, an MSS in Coaching Science from Ohio University & a PhD in Biomechanics from LSU. Additionally, he has been recognized as a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) from the National Strength & Conditioning Association, a Level 3 coach by USA Track & Field, a Level 2 coach by USA Weightlifting.
Mike Young


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Mike Young
Mike Young