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Evaluating career development is tricky. Did the sprinters develop good acceleration mechanics? What about speed endurance? How lean are they? How about their elastic power? How do we score all of this? How do we track progress? I like the classical methods of the US Military from WW2. Get down to the raw basics and let the specialists take care of the minor details. Sure I am seeing people talk about breathing but did you expand potential capacity and wind out up with an overweight, weak, slow, and poorly conditioned football player? A simple hierarchy of importance and risk analysis seems to be lost from coaching now. Too much majoring in the minor. Yes it’s nice to look at various plans of motion in the foot but are all squatting deep and heavy? Can the athletes handle a good set of jumps and throws? Can the athlete finish a 2 hour training session without looking depleted? What color does your program look like if the team was tracked over four years?

Carl Valle

Carl Valle

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