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Tonight those that are part of the Valencia Project will get a double dose of Mediacasts. First will be a summary of Hamstring Injuries in Sport, followed by the Heart Rate Variability Mediacast, sharing what some top coaches and systems are doing with fatigue monitoring. I am also reviewing some new research on fascia length and hamstring eccentric abilities thanks to some great people down in Australia as well as the research on Biofoam rollers. As for HRV (heart rate variability), I think in the future it will be a way to refine what we are doing with athletes in terms of monitoring without investing into a lot of time and invasive measure such as blood work and muscle biopsies. Anyone with the ithlete iphone/ipod app or those interested in getting one should PM for the free mediacast. I believe in the product and think it can make an impact in reviewing and monitoring training with speed and power athletes.

Carl Valle

Carl Valle

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