Testing and Retesting


One of the most interesting reads is looking at what process many of the testing programs are doing to evaluate improvement year to year. I think the strength’s of years past was that much of the information was based on the combination of physical education and military training from WW2, not just sports medicine. You have x number of weeks to get people you have never met into prepared athletes of war. The testing wasn’t amazing but what I liked is that they monitored things and retested often to see if things were working. That type of transparency you will not see again for a long time. I also liked the fact that they simply trained their dysfunctions with strength, agility, and conditioning as is a way out of dysfunction. That concept, sound training, was used 30 years later was refined some training manuals for Athletics and became the cornerstone to several physical therapy manuals in how to rehabilitate athletes with good training, not therapeutic exercises. What is lost is the classic alignment or corrective exercise phase but replaced with a traditional GPP designed to get ready patiently for the season. What has changed is aggressive physical therapy in professional or dire situations to speed up the process, but the concepts are the same. Grant’s manual in it’s entirety will be posted in a the articles section as a pdf later this summer.

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