Overlap and Biomotor Abilities


The five biomotor abilities are often described as the elements in eastern medicine. Before people think I am trying to go voodoo or guru I don’t like boxing things into pretty categories that much as many exercises and workouts are not purely one biomotor ability. Overlap exists and often the composite is unique. What happens to the low back type I fiber/musculature after one hour of olympic lifts, squats, and dumbbell side lunges? Some interesting mixes. I am using Trunk Notes to juggle an extensive training inventory. At the end of the day I still spend 40 minutes doing this, 20 minutes doing that, and sometimes 8 minutes doing another thing. My interest now is how all of it works together so I am not wasting time adding more but doing better. How little is necessary is good in theory and on paper but it’s a great starting point because so much is going on in a simple program. The problem is quantifying and monitoring all the stuff going in practice.

Carl Valle

Carl Valle

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