I’ve been trying to get more information about Thomas Myers talk in Providence earlier this month. Several bloggers (Carl, Eric Cressey, Charlie Weingroff) all got a lot of Myers assertion that it takes 18-24 months for fascia health. I’ve been trying to track down info on this w/o much luck.

I am not saying Myers is wrong, as a lot of groundbreaking insights are anecdotal at first. I believe that a lot of Oschman’s ideas will end up being proven down the road as the science and measurement gets better and better. So this could be a similar vein or something that needs a more in-depth explanation.

Anyway, in doing some research I came across this from Leon Chaitow in his review of the 2nd Fascial Congress. (Journal of Bodywork and Movement TherapiesVolume 14, Issue 2, April 2010, Pages 103-105):

Probably the most dramatic new information that has emerged from the two Fascia Research congresses, relates to the dynamic reconfiguration potential of the collagen network. This virtually instantaneous reconfiguration- occurring within seconds- suggests that the effect of manual therapy can be immediate and significant. “This work is a serious challenge to the classical representation and modelling of biomechanical systems”

Can both co-exist? Probably…. thoughts, comments, feedback….

Kebba Tolbert

Kebba Tolbert

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Kebba Tolbert is in his third season as the women’s sprints/hurdles and horizontal jumps coach for Harvard in 2013-14 and second as associate head coach of the squad. Tolbert has coached multiple All-Americans and National Champions. .
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