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Mr. Lee from the very informative did a nice job providing this super rare audio clinic from the late Arthur Lydiard. I think the 3 hour talk was fantastic and was able to spend a few days after the NBA Championship to listen to it during my drive instead of hearing rants form sports radio. If you are an endurance coach in any sport it’s a surprise the speed philosophy of Arthur when his volumes are so high. He separates stamina and strength, talks about fitness after rugby, and get’s into some great explanations of crosstraining and muscular distribution. He talks about Long Term Development with wisdom and practical explanations. It’s a breath of fresh air. I was surprised how much I liked it when I consider myself a speed and power and guy. He doesn’t pull punches with his predictions on why people will do well or fail and he was a great story teller. If you are interested in the audio down load click here.

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Carl Valle

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