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I talked about what I liked about HRV and ithlete, and here are three other apps you may find to be great tools for ipod and iphone users. Next year I will go completely cloud based as I liked what I saw last year and hated what I needed to see as well. Personally I have a rule that smartphones and devices should be tap in practice and type in the office. I am not a fan of typing on phones as I am old school with tablet use as it makes athletes think they are a patient. Here are one free app and three paid apps. Now that the summer has started and the season has ended for most (I have two athletes that are still competing) much of the time we can reflect on last year and what to do next year. I will be visiting coaches and reading books instead of research, and do a little vacation to recharge my personal batteries. If you don’t have a smartphone, get an ipod touch. I found that my administration duties decreased by by a few hours each week, and I experience less headaches.

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Carl Valle

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