Poliquinetta, and the Usual Suspects


Charles Poliquin and Vern Gambetta integrated some of the work by Lois Klatt into assessing. Vern pointed out in his plyometric article that you can use plyometrics as more than training, but to show the competence of what the athlete could do. Poliquin shared many ways of gaging the weak points of an athlete using Klatt’s work. Note two very different coaches came up with similar conclusions with the need to integrate some practical biomechanical information. I got many emails of coaches that are tired of blogs showing reading lists of the same books and same gurus. My response was good information will be popular but sometimes popular information isn’t that good. For example Shirley Sahrmann’s work is popular with some coaches, clearly basic lifting to them is old news and they have moved on to rehab, conventional work is assumed to be outdated or even beginner stuff. So who should we use? Both at first, but look at entire spectrum of work out there. I would never send an athlete that pulled a muscle to see Shirley as she is not famous because she resurrected injured athletes but working with less active populations, but I would read her book again if I thought compensations were a problem. The pronation/supination tests from Poliquin are interesting because people find Charles to me more strength than movement. I think the fact he works with high level athletes he knows that agility training may not be a good investment of time due to the fact you are not teaching Kobe Bryant a plyostep and more agility in pro settings is not a good solution. Even coach Francis said that speed work for a NFL athlete is not as maximal and lifts are often safer options. Tests are everywhere when we train as we are always testing. When we look at the olympic lifts or squats from behind what do we see vs from the side? We have an entire summer pocket of coaches that watch from the side to protect backs but fail to address why stuff is tight or weak. A good coach I saw looked like a bull fighter moving around observing as was not limited to the absolutes.

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