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The thread on assessments was heated up by TCSM and this opened up a huge pandora’s box of discussion. My coaching tree blog made me think about my training and my gradual reduction off of other people’s workouts. Was I doing to much like coach ? Where did I get this idea or was it done before. How do we coach. Why do we coach? To avoid the sorcerers apprentice syndrome of placing a high level workout system on athlete in a much different context and with a coach with a less experience magician. I used an algorithm from the help of a friend, from the visual complexity site, to see if my coaching tree was too biased. How much did my training resemble others? Does the LSU create inbreeding or refinement? Does crossbreeding create Killer Bees programs? Henk warned us not to fall into one school of training and I agree. The real question is how transferable is other workouts with teams and with other coaches? I don’t want to be a hypocrite and talk about lemmings if my own use of U runs is without purpose, but after using back and forth runs only I liked the soft bend for repeat 200s instead of cutting each transition. My hope is that I don’t have an inventory that another coach thinks is just a logo switch with some name changes, but a homogeneous system of trail and error with different ideas. I can only experiment and make observations, but I refuse to may efforts to be innovative or creative when history has blazed a good starting path.

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