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I will like to give my late Grandfather some credit for teaching me things beyond a track drill, an exercise, or even a discussion about training at all. I was cleaning out some 3 Ring Binders, the same black ones he kept countless research articles on everything he found interesting and I found an old horse respiration when running article that made me smile. The purity of science and engineering. My grandfather was best teacher I have ever had and I miss him every time I fix an electronic device, highlight a printed journal article, or review the data of workouts. I will write more about what changes I made over 13 years as I kept the workouts and it was interesting to see the changes in training I have made that evolved the program. I am doing much better with frustrations as the man would spend multiple hours every night, night after night after night, to make sure math and science were up to par. I didn’t care that much for those subjects during HS because I didn’t see the benefit. I thought I was going to be working at Marvel Comics or designing videogame, who needs chemistry?

Using a model similar to the one attached in the blog discussion thread, the program evolved from simply taking USATF/Vertical Integration and each year making changes based on what I saw. I kept the same principals of training and pedagogy, but I refined the application. Like many, I took a system that covered the bases to ensure I didn’t put all my eggs in one basket. Here is the changes I have made over the last decade or so with ones I felt had the highest impact.

1997-Made sure I adjusted volumes to what I saw and used HR monitor

1998-Added Olympic Lifts and more single leg exercises did foam rolling after training

1999- Changed Core Program to include more circuits for volume

2000- Replaced the FMS, added in monitoring program, tripled circuit volume

2001- Periodized Tempo of lifts and added more fly sprints reduced balance to single leg squats

2002- Took out deadlifts for sprinters and added clean pulls

2003- Increased volume of plyometrics severely and added gymnastic work

2004- Added GSBB and got back to basic lifts

2005- Refined Hurdle Mobility and decreased lifting volumes and exercises

2006- Refined Pool workouts and increased supplementation

2007- Changed running volumes and added more alternate means

2008- Added U running and a few drills

2009- Changed GSBB sequence and cut sled run distances

2010-Added more grass runs and decreased intensities and used more HRV (heart rate variability)

2011- Plan to increase running percentage and increase volume and more HRV

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