Paradigm Shift in Assessment and Correction: 1980s again?


Ironically the assessment process is being assessed now, since many coaches are frustrated with lack of evidence of effectiveness statistically. A lot of good stuff is available by many people and what would it look like if we combined all of it together in one harmonious package? What would it look like if other professions helped out? One of the interesting things about modern sports performance and Track and Field is that both are helping each other. It was cool to see how single leg hops are screens for weakness, bounds for mobility, and drills for coordination when I was listening to a PT on skype share what he thought coaches should no. When Shirley’s book was brought up he blasted the people that bring up her information like it’s the beacon of light in strength and conditioning. Reading his work and tables it looked more like a revolution propaganda paper instead of PT guidelines. Defectors from the McKenzie schools and other educational organizations were very vocal that no matter how great the tests, the end problem is that the coaches are doing the wrong assessments. It took one former rugby trainer/coach that was a PT to understand the gap of what was going on. Here are some interesting points- All exercises are clues to function of the body both acutely and chronically- All exercises have data with weakness, coordination, and restriction. Corrective Exercises should be segregated into Medical and Training- Ankle Mobility may be improved with exercises by a coach by placing some self mobs in a circuit but that requires a lot of time. How much is one session with a good sports medicine mobilization compared to one session of training? How much does conventional training done right wash out impairments over time?- What program design interventions training wise (career, season, session) will fix movement dysfunctions without resorting to glorified PT?

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