Risk Analysis and HRV: Playing with Fire


Reach the edge, don’t stay on the edge – Tapani Keränen,

After Sean Skahan’s NHL Strength and Conditioning presentation, some good questions were asked about what athletes are coming in prepared. His response was the Fins. Like I mentioned earlier, I wondered why the dialogued stopped there, and didn’t continue further in the evening? Why are the fins coming in so explosive? Perhaps we should investigate? The Scandinavian countries have so much to offer yet we still have problems regarding the truth of training. HRV (heart rate variability) is now starting to get a lot of attention. In the next year, gurus will pop up but the great benefit of electronic solutions like google docs is data collection. No stories or rewriting history, case studies of what is working and what is not working. Mr. Keränen’s presenation included some great information on HRV but where is that being done in the US with clear evidence of superior metrics? I have been using moderately expensive options for years (no omegawave for me) and now I am ready to use it fully for the 2010-2011 season with very inexpensive options such as ithlete. I am angered that I didn’t use it more in years past but here is what I have learned. The product is not a compass but the best biological breadcrumbs you can get. One athlete using it sent me a print screen with the microcycle data via an email. It took one minute to share and the information is starting to work nicely with my numbers program from iWork. Anyone interested in a good research KB the The Finish Research Database is a great resource.

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