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Thanks to everyone who has signed up for Valencia Project Premium Content. Attached in the discussion thread is a sign-up and information form, including the episode schedule. For those not making the first wave, members interested in getting involved we are expanding to weekly mediacasts, conference and seminar reviews, and now video case studies. Thanks to the software programs we are now adding skypecasts and some other nice bonus materials such as audio interviews for those rides home and to work and a wiki page this summer. Those that refer or sign-up will get the updated Regeneration in Sport Presentation I did in Sweden two years ago. This Mediacast goes into all of the updated research and is very polished. The updates are the much more practical and after practice the materials are more like a Steve Jobs Keynote instead of me rambling. Only two members were able to see the presentation and it’s my life’s work put into slide software and voice. July 4th this offer ends and also included to those signing up is the complete Speed City Series I did, along with some great coaching gems from some great coaches.
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Carl is an expert coach who has produced champions in swimming, track and numerous other sports. He is one of the foremost experts in the fields of nutrition and restoration.
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