The Tempo Code


To tantalize one particular forum member I decided to include some thoughts on tempo. A splash of prescribed tempo workouts is a great way to keep technique in the weightroom or specific rehab protocols up to par. Too many times a youtube clip of a modern bodybuilder is shown crushing weights with poor form and slipped tension, while some old school bodybuilders were doing very beautiful form while listening to classical music without praise. Not saying you can’t crank up some hard rock and hammer out a good training session, but form is form. I believe in Tempo, but raw variables trump some exotic tempo prescription anytime. I believe tempo helps with substrate changes, technique, tissue tone, and muscle recruitment. A good primer can be seen here with Charles Poliquin with his article on tempo. I will fine tune my pauses at various joint positions instead of adding more corrective exercises to bias muscle recruitment for injury reduction.

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Carl Valle

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