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Who influences you? I am just a guy that listens to many and picks and chooses information and methods I feel are effective. No bias, just information I find works for me. You can learn a lot from many people but I see more and more followers than those trying to be balanced. I will not blog about some trendy business book, but I will share the fact we have too many copycats. I copied workouts and tried them at early stages in my career and it left me with undesirable results. So what about the current young coaches? Who to look up to and learn from. In the last few weeks I have put a lot of effort to share what other coaches are doing so it’s not me shouting down from the mountain. My coaching tree comes from swimming and track, but strength coaches have made a big impact on me as well. Some sport coaches have influenced me. My grandfather has influenced me. Thin coaching trees scare me, as it’s ok to have branches and not be a solitary flower from one coach. After mapping out my influences I felt that I was fair and balanced, and look forward to growing more internationally this summer.
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