Hamstring Injuries- Etiology, Rehabilitation, Reduction Indices


I am doing a private intensive workshop on hamstring injuries in late June and I am excited to hear feedback from several sports medicine staff members . This is perhaps the most detailed summary of what the leading therapists in North America are actually doing regarding soft tissue injuries from fascial work, cyriax work, body alignment, foot biomechanics, EMS, aquatic therapy, and strength training practices. What separates this seminar from other’s is it’s a series of case studies with insight, instead of the general powerpoint of information we see commonly with most presentations. From the first minute after the tear to the day when the athletes steps back on the field/track/court, it is a true reflection of what worked and what has failed. I have spent 30 hours on the phone with previous athletes, therapists, and biomechanics experts to fine tune my keynote presentation so the information is 100% accurate. I will share the information later and will be taping the seminar.

Carl Valle

Carl Valle

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