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I have been updating some things and reflecting on some errors in volumes from last year’s GPP, the most important time of the year for me. Everything is more controlled as no meets or weather chaos (those in the northeast will understand) is rendering things like Black Hawk down. While Excel Spreadsheets are pretty and things are moving like clockwork, I looked over and reviewed that my pool workouts and circuits were too brief. One of the nice things about ithlete is that the designer understands the need for clear information. How you use that information is up the coach, but data must be recorded. This summer is another daily morning email campaign where coaches are juggling remote workouts when kids are away from school and are doing correspondence programs ranging from HS without tracks to performance enhancement centers with physios and mondo surfaces. Next year I will not make the same mistakes with alternate means. While I can’t calculate exact volumes and intensities like tempo runs, the key is to see if you are doing more or less and harder and easer than the next year. With class schedules affecting most college and hs programs kids can slip through the cracks, and this is what I am going to ensure the right damage control is done.

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