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With efforts to be like Edward Tufte when sharing data, I am reading a few books on data visualization. No matter how much reading one does or talking to coaches, experience is rate limited to the system you use, repeated over time. The spider graph of improvement comes from some exchanges with a smart kid named Carson Boddicker. At a tender age of 20 I am interested to see what he does over the next decade. Will I be some 43 year old guy listening to him at the Perform Better Summit or will he go crazy like Bobby Fischer. He currently uses the FMS assessment and is extremely well read for his age. What I like about this graph is it shows people improving physical competence over the year. What I love is that unlike other systems the PCA from Movement Dynamics is liquid and open. The community is creative and brilliant with how the assessment process can truly impact both the athlete and demonstrate in both performance and testing, due to the richness of interactions of great coaches and smart scientists. I am thrilled about the PCA on how much data is being collected, and how many coaches seem to be collaborating on expanding on it when given the choice of other assessment options. Strange, those the cling to some testing like a child on training wheels, we are seeing medical professionals asking professional questions and getting real answers. Strangely we are seeing coaches and sports medicine work in better cohesion now with some of the alternate options to assessing athletes and training, instead of seeing overlap that creates confusion. I encourage people to educate themselves with options instead of relying just on one system and customize the information that works for you.

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