Athlete Monitoring- No Absolutes


One of my favorite joys when trying to get better is listen to great sport scientists who work well with coaches. Mehis Viru argued the need to be a practical and shared that the main principle of the design of training monitoring is to have minimum testing while getting maximum reliable information. Corollary to that principle, any method or measurement makes sense in training monitoring if it provides reliable information related to the task being monitored. While this summary may be a bad cut and paste some of his powerpoint slide, the impact from his presentation in Europe rings home to coaches that are not doing blood work and omegawave testing. Strangely, the commercial success of some gurus I see limits or products, not principles. I like the use of any and makes sense instead of talking in absolutes via fear mongering and marketing ploys. By sharing principles, coaches can use sport science better. The challenge for me is to see what information during training is monitoring and what is just data debris, or numbers to give people confidence with useless metric but have little impact on decision making. My current interest is to find a way to use better export and charting functions to what ways create more rates of improvement, consistency, and success percentages. This next season I will use ithlete with more than one athlete, and chart the data with the other information as well. Each year a snippet formula for expressing data is often shared among the community of coaches that I look up to for guidance and this has been refreshing to see clues to the struggles I face. I believe in a few years some sort of standards of best practices will be shared so presentations at conferences will not be montages of guys pushing cars and lifting heavy weights.

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