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Remember when Cranial Sacral Therapy was the rage in the 90s? Sure DNS may have some points but can we train young men and women and less babysitting? I was talking to a friend that coaches strength and conditioning and he keeps reminding his GAs that we still have the same or less hours that we did ten years ago. I was interesting to see how he changed very little even when he spends so much time and money on continuing education. At first glance he is stuck in the 80s or 90s, but the Peter Twists and Hammer Strength will come and go, and soon we will see some guys loose their momentum when the new blood comes in. I don’t have solutions for everything but it’s not a piechart we are looking at as things are not artificially separated into biomotor abilities, but training is likely to be composites. I am 25% through my career and I am excited to see what I believe 10 years from now but I don’t think it will be revolutionary. I think I will lift weights, drink protein with carbs after working out, and go for a run.

Carl Valle

Carl Valle

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