TRX is a Tool


Perhaps the most frustrating thing is that every time I hear a speaker talk about a tool in the toolbox, I don’t see good work from their hands and eyes when I visit. I am not saying the TRX (suspension training) is not a good tool but when I see price tags of $189.99 I am worried about the HS teams and PE departments that don’t have such a budget. When I look at old manuals and see minimalist interaction with equipment I am wondering if we are too good developing solutions instead of challenges. When I visit some colleges and universities this year I am eager to see the flow of workouts in training, the skill development, and of course the coaching. I think we need to see equipment as ways to reduce unnecessary struggles and administration burdens. Nobody loves equipment and technology more than me, but a balance of when and why is rarely talked about.

Carl Valle

Carl Valle

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Carl Valle

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