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Aaron Schwenzfeier’s blog is a wake up call to what I am observing with D1 Strength and Conditioning coaches. Like the November elections, change will occur, and incumbents are on the hot seat. When Mike Nelson requested why the terms Performance and Fundamental are so strongly segregated, the we can’t put performance on dysfunction, since anything different prescription wise than a screen’s suggestion will blow up athletes. More fear mongering. With a basketball player getting an A on the FMS but failing a basic jumping test, what does that say about the evaluation measures? Functional movement is not just screens. In fact, the assessment process is not about quiz then study, but a continual monitoring process that is integrated. What data is collected. What benchmarks metrics wise is useful to casual observers. One method scares me, as the thought process of one system holding all the answers is bogus. Coaches want to improve their athletes and not treat patients. So where to go for information?

From a World View I look at sport and ask what are the best practices? Looking at my notes from up in Toronto and old Rebuilding and Building the complete Athlete notes, it seems that you are never not assessing an athlete. Everything can be a screen or test, and artificially creating barriers is not effective for those that are not in one-on-one or clinical situations. Here are some tips for creating a better assessment process that I learned from a bunch of people.

No System Exists- Use anything you want. Don’t label things. No addictions to last names, catch phrases or acronyms. Use what works. More programs or models integrated the less likely errors or bugs will cripple your programming.

Extension Based Monitoring- No matter what information you get, what outcomes are expected? How effective was the information 3 months ago after the evaluation? How is this data monitored and improved with each workout? What is working? Did you correct the dysfunctional and gain a fat, weak, slow, and poorly conditioned patient afterwords. What is the goals beyond the corrections?

Analytics and Metrics- Using exporting features from your excel template or other spreadsheet, what measures are we using? The original test doesn’t hold water when a NFL receiver tears an ACL in practice. I would hate to be the staff that explains that one. Grab a book on excel and learn what information you wish to see. Reflect on the year and share your findings with your peers. I plan to share my workouts with more experienced coaches and look at how we can do things better.

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