BSMPG- Final Reflection


Art Horne did a wonderful job bringing together some great speakers at the BSMPG, but I was left fearful of what the direction would be. With some great responses in blogs by D1 Coaches, such as the blog by >Aaron I am starting to feel that coaches are waking up to reality. This morning I was on skype to review some of the information some therapists are sharing and I am excited that in two years the FMS will be dead and replaced by a better system. In 10 years that system will be replaced by something even better. But what will not changed is true North, or the process and laws of sports training and sports medicine. While concepts will be refined, the truth is what works. Listening to 90 minutes of statistics of the NFL and NBA, and video of various American Football athletes decaying over weeks, the numbers were startling. The evidence was overwhelming. So what now? Vertical Integration ported on an NFL team with some corrective exercises sprinkled? I of course don’t have the answer but I do have clues. Search the Globe. I speak on average 2-3 times a year, not because I have the secrets, but because I travel 24-36 times a year nationally and internationals to learn and I am willing to share what I find to be more useful, regardless who it is. I don’t care if a PT in New Zealand shows me an assessment better than what I was using in 1998. I don’t care if a coach in Italy shares a better progression in jump training. I don’t care if a HS coach in California shares a better way to teach acceleration. Like Art Horne, I am still looking for the holy grail as I don’t have the ego to think I have the answers.

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