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Carl I was left with a few questions about foot mechanics and how to coach it. Could you share more about training the feet using the Ray Key thing? I was left wondering about the actual application of training the feet. Good stuff so far, for 24 mediacasts the price is great!

I don’t coach foot mechanics as that is too advanced for me! I do put effort to have overall good looking technique with most exercises. When doing exercises all joints are training, especially when the foot meets the ground. Attached is a collage of Nick Tumminello’s lateral pallof press and you can see muscles being challenged to keep the joints keeping things stable. Look at his feet and realize the exercise is more than just core. With a different pair of eyes you see how much bang for your buck good body training can be. I think good training will keep the muscles of the feet strong and coordinated if you coach the foundation stuff well. Too much isolation, too much intervention. Look at the exercises and the level of mastery of various youtube videos. If you can’t do the basics right, chances are you need to cool off the pace of new stuff. Variable Vector nonsense is an excuse for coaches to have sloppy technique, sort of one record holder in powerlifting doing an exercise wrong and calling it a derivative. What about keeping the bar level in your youtube videos! I like to read the research of overuse injuries of muscle groups in the feet as those motions will hint to us that you have options when choosing to activate things. Just do less of the injured people are doing. While this may be a overly simplified, I think we can draw better conclusions.

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