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What books don’t you lend out? That question was asked the other day and I will respond with some specific respond. I have a lot of books and videos but most are not priceless. Go to bookfinder and you can find them for a price, sometimes dirt cheap sometimes very expensive. What to me is important are not the writers but the coaches who put down their beliefs and solutions. Perhaps a fight with cancer will lead to immortalizing some important training or rehabilitation thoughts, perhaps just to put down on paper what they believe. Shared below are my top 5-6 reads in no particular order. Note author and title is not shared for privacy purposes. All of this is unpublished. Please don’t PM me for a copy.

(1) Strength Training for Sprinters- This 120 page bound manual is a private review of the interaction of muscle groups, joint flow, and the nervous system. Loaded with citations and

(2) The Inventory- 200 pages of exercises with specific notes on application that are illustrated by hand to enhance the body. This is not an exercise catalog but ways to share how to train the body for the GPP.

(3) The Assessment- So why am I so confident that the FMS is not the solution? Beyond screens and postural dysfunction this is the best journal of high end PT with notes on rehabilitation of elite athletes and what was done in a journal. Avatar meets PT.

(4) Training Theory- An overview of periodization from Modern American Teams, to cycling , to power sports such as bobsled and track and field. I got a lot of reasons why things may not be what they appear to be.

(5) Olympic Lifts- The best information on the science and practice of world class olympic lifters. Very engineeringish and the diagrams clearly show what is truly going on. Sort of a mix between starting strength and Running by B and K.

(6) Soft Tissue Therapy- Notes on treating elite and world class athletes for sports therapy. Note ART and Graston are not talked about (pin and stretch is) and the case studies read like a fast pace crime novel.

Yes I do plan to contact the respective people and request some sort of publishing solution that will protect their hard work (not everyone is above the age of 50!).

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