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I see a strange filter in blogs with information that is being shared, with everyone agreeing or linking what they have in agreement. Recently the Anatomy Trains talking points have left me wondering if some sort of darkside exists with the information that people wish not be shared, as it may contradict their beliefs or product list. Did you skip out of any information in your review on the mediacast? Unless it’s a transcript, a filter will exist. I try to filter what I believe is the most important information, not a list of tidbits that may make what I am selling more appealing. Many times a presentation will reinforce one’s beliefs, or make you decide to change or evolve your program. I am not emotionally attached to anything but the hopes and dreams of the athletes I am working with. Instead of harping on the negatives, let me share the midnight express or darkside of anatomy trains, the areas that people don’t want to talk about. (1) Foam Rolling- Mike Nelson’s blog post was great and makes some serious points that must be answered. Strangely, those that do foam rolling every day before training become comfortable with being uncomfortable. If I am an athlete and I am knotted up all the time and have hot spots when does the coach start looking at their training? And if one did a better warm-up and training program would you be rolling as much? My favorite line is about when Mike did a cadaver review to find trigger points and found none….instead of playing wack-a-mole perhaps coaches will do more movement and easy motion work in groups instead? Maybe Chris from Perform Better will have some different speakers to do a debate on topics they don’t agree one back to back? (2) Yoga-Yes I said it. Will people stop talking in absolutes? What yoga motions or movements are necessary to elicit improvements in range of motion? What are we designed to do as adults? Movement Prep is dead in some circles as clearly the foam rolling addiction is evidence that perhaps the preparation to move is not working that well. Where is the flow of training units? No blending and transitioning but inserted chunks of force feed training blocks, fresh from some blog of a guru. Simple summary Tom Myers is one with yoga, perhaps people help evolve those ancient motions to safe and effective means for athletes in ways that are compliant. (4) Tempo Trump– Some pundits will bash distance running because their corrective exercise/ screens/ and training designs fail to keep people able to jog without blowing up. So of course if you can’t do it ban it or hide it from programs. Running is a sign of joint health for athletes and an assessment for fitness. Can’t run because you are in pain? Too fat to do glorified jogging on the grass in bite size segments? Check the program. Durability is about handing natural loadings, not hiding from reality. Even tempo runs have some neuromuscular contractions that allow for rapid exchange or the SSC. Flexibility is not just placing joints in end ranges but having the coordination to handle your bodyweight and firing patterns to relax antagonists. I have made the mistake of doing too much alternate means and found my athletes not improving running just raw horsepower. When we had an optimal blend of conditioning and running things naturally came together over years. Sorry no quick fixes. I wish that was the case! Running is corrective, and 65k of running per year didn’t hurt Asafa run 9.7. Running is simple, effective, easily manipulated, and of course natural. Those that avoid running just have fragile egos. If guys can’t run fix them completely admit defeat and ask for help. Stop talking about boring as you don’t have run every day, the stadiums blast music that many players request, and the rhythm of running out of pain is popular enough to make people fans of one the worlds most favorite form of exercise. Hey, we as coaches are more likely to be bored than the athletes, as we can only watch, but we don’t complain! Stop complaining please. When MLB players are pulling muscles and breaking bones after HR trots and celebrations let’s look at reality. Torn ACLS are not happening during movement prep or corrective circuits.Broken athletes hate running for good reasons. Stop making excuses. Rant over. I have coached a wide variety of sports and played a wide variety of sports. While this is Elitetrack.com and this information is on sprinting, some great strength coaches have inspired me in seeing how athletic development is done properly, hence why my training inventory has a lot of sport activity outside the track or field. Read Dan Pfaff’s alternate means pdf. and see sprinting is about more than just running.

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