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Many times a stage will share what the illusionist wants you to see. This happens now on the internet and at some seminars where the presenter shares videos of athletes, before and after pictures of posture, and of course corrective exercises that feed the audience. Tom Myers did a great job of sharing 18-24 months of work, in order to work. If I was a GA at a D1 program I would videotape guys lifting every day and catalog the changes. Coach Francis mentioned that the slower the progressions the faster the improvements. Too many efforts to get to the end without doing the necessary grunt work. You must get your hands dirty. I am not saying don’t train intelligent, but lazy is not smart.

It was sad to hear whispers from the audience of one guru who demonstrated a baby roll (DNS) and it was funny how the wrinkles of the shirt were crossing at the lumbar area. His thoracic area stayed square to his lower ribs and hunched. It was like catching sight of the second coin in the hand of a street magic performer, as his mobility wasn’t so impressive. On one pair of UK coaches that visited one strength coach found his actual training to be a joke, they were so angry that they were desperate to learn from others in the area to salvage their trip. The take home point it’s best to investigate who you are getting your information from as you will see truth is sometimes an illusion.

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Carl Valle

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