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If you check any blog you will see the cliche cover of anatomy train books, as evidence that they are highly read or in the know. After Tom Myer’s presentation I was asked by two young coaches what my response was to such a presentation. I said it was excellent education. They were angered as they claimed they had only train whole body movements to take home and they were expecting me to bash the presentation for it’s lack of new exercises or new techniques. When I told them about train movements not muscle/fascia/joints the response was more anger, as they wanted the information to be in baby food style, super digestible. Another coach asked would Tom be flown to California form Maine if someone tore their hamstring from the 49ers, a polite request of his actual therapy skills. My answer was simple, no. It’s not that he is not a good therapist or that he is a good one that makes him a good educator for what he is sharing, but if he dives into sports therapy without sharing a lot of case studies of his hamstring rehab approach with good references, I am not drinking from the punch bowl. Here are some thought provoking points of that are great discussion items.

Tom Myers suggested that dynamic movement was a great approach for warm-up instead of rolling. For those doing self-myofascial release first will you explore this idea from a fascia proponent?

What did the vibration people get from his presentation? What are your counterpoints?

The maximum-strength gurus saw his 18-24 month fascia fitness requirements. Is your jumping program that sound to handle such requirements? What does this say for the private setting people that work with kids 3-4 hours a week?

Were you doing foam rolling the way that Tom shared over the last few years? What things did you do wrong and would you share them on your blog?

Attached is the photo of my therapist, fixing a hamstring that was not injured but needing some tune up work. Note very little fascia work and he has worked with world champions and gold medalists in track and field. Talk to the source of who is doing it, not just talking about it.

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