Observation of Gait Mediacast


Tuesday evening is the best Mediacast I have done so far. I am truly proud of the honest and effective information on observation of gait. For those that are a little uncomfortable with such an intimidating subject this breathes relief to coaches feel that they are behind in regards to biomechanics. Frankly I am giving my belief of what the role of the coach is, not a wannabe podiatrist or corrective exercise guru will share. Real world concepts and real world solutions. Of course this mediacast integrates the previous session on warm-downs and lower extremity health. I actually recorded this three times to make sure the information flows better. What you will hear is a pragmatic (you will see this word used a lot in the future) approach to working with groups as well as some information of what didn’t work that many coaches may still believe in. I have gone to several conferences on foot biomechanics and I wish to save coaches money and headaches from my mistakes of following the wrong experts and give insight to actually is helping.

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Carl Valle

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