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I want to give Chris Poirier a thumbs up for the effort he made this weekend at the Perform Better Summit. While I was only able to attend part of Sunday, some of the best discussions were brought up in, of course, the hallways today. I was able to attend Tom Myers and Aaron Brooks and found some of the information to be very interesting and thought provoking. Some great people were there in the audience and the combination of presentations and responses let to some great points of what you can truly take away. I have been a big Perform Better fan since 1993 when I got my first medicine ball and hope that those that can make the Chicago or Long Beach conference. Those interested in the full review, from my one on one talk with Bret Contreras on glute training to bumping into some unlikely fans of elitetrack.com can PM me for the free mediacast. Those that are premium subscriber get the director’s cut supplement as well as the review.

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